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Controlled by anxiety

Hi I would like to share my on going battle with anxiety and depression and how my life wasn't my own. Having such immense anixiety that was implemented and induced with depression has subjected me to major undesirable thoughts and feelings I wish on no one that can be slightly controlled with the aid of medication and therapy. Although though it have been trail and error on many of occasions though the years in which I had been admitted into hospital for care and treatment. Some of the time it's be working fine till I believe it ran its course due to a possible unfortunate event happening . But till this day I'm now back at work since year managing my social activities.


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Hi PAST2FUTURE, My life with anxiety parallels yours. My anxiety was immense, barely controlled by years of having to be on medication just to function. Finally when the med no longer worked because of dependence, it was then trial and error and hospitalization trying to figure out what to give me next. You are absolutely right in saying, that anxiety ran it's course. I wanted to get off the merry go round of meds. And here I am today, functioning as best I can hoping I left the bad days behind. I wish you well.

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