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Does anyone else get unbalanced sometimes? Like you don't even have to have a panic attack or feel anxious at the time but i did notice that when I stand I feel unsteady, as if I'm gonna fall and my legs will give up on me but when I walk or run ect it doesn't happen. Maybe it's coz I'm 24/7 anxious, even tho I say I'm not I know deeply I probably am. Esp having health anxiety doesn't help always worrying about my health. Unless it's something else, I heard it could be vertigo too so just wondering if anyone else has that?

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Yes it's defo part of the anxiety, your brain is telling ur body somethings is not quite right so the blood cleverly goes to protects ur big organs in ur body, how clever ur brain remembers this happening while in a panic attack..because it feels so bad at the registers in the brain..we actually end up feeding it by trying to run from it. It's taking me years to understand it all but it's a very rare thing today to have bad panics because I ended up thinking how clever my brain was n started telling myself good things and told bad ass mr anxiety he had no place in my life, get ur self a set of boxing gloves ..I did..put them on if u ever feel anxious a little shadow boxing about ur house X


That's what I thought. That it was anxiety but just making sure. Did you also get breathless? I used to be really breathless at first but somehow overcome it but now it's back again and it could be allergies but it might be coz I'm constantly thinking of my breathing. When I don't think about it I'm fine. I don't get any dizziness so I know I must be getting enough oxygen otherwise I wouldn't be able to walk up the stairs or I would feel dizzy all the time but I just can't get it out of my head that I will stop breathing and if you had that and you overcame it how did you do it?


Hi Angiecis22, I agree with snow-13 in that it is who I call the Anxiety Bully trying to take over. Get angry and say you don't have time for this, you have better things to do. It will go away as you get more in control.

As for the breathlessness, it could be allergies which should be checked out. If it is your anxiety, I would say it comes from not realizing you are holding your breath when anxious. How you can overcome that is by practicing deep belly breathing everyday, twice a day, so that it will come to you automatically whatever you are doing and keep you in balance. For me, that was the key to getting back in control again as well as meditation. Good Luck dear. x

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