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Chronic fatigue syndrome?

Does anyone here suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome? Doctors are telling me it's very possible that's what I have but when I read others stories of having CFS the symptoms don't seem to match up to mine for instance I don't have the flu like symptoms or aching muscles my muscles are very weak but don't ache as such so now I feel doctors are leaving me with this diagnosis rather than herring the right one 😢

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Hi Twinkle, CFS is one of those hard to diagnose diseases. Since there really isn't a test to prove or disprove the disorder, it is usually done by the process of elimination of other diseases. I'm sure your doctors have taken your health history into consideration as well. Having severe stress through our anxiety doesn't help but just confuses us as well as the medical profession at times. I know as hard as it may be, we all want a diagnosis as to why we feel so bad as well as one that matches our symptoms. It's not always possible. I hope there are others who may be able to support you. Having Fibro myself is just another autoimmune disorder but different than the CFS. I wish I could help. xx


Thank you hun yes I guess it's a matter of ruling everything else out and then being left with the only option there is, yes it's so hard not knowing what is wrong especially because I've had anxiety 22 years and never experienced the symptoms I have now with the weakness and fatigue being so so severe ah yes I've read a little about fibromylinga it has some similarities to cfs but again quite different I guess I just have to wait and see how the ecg goes and if that's all clear I'll have to expect the CFS diagnosis

Thank you hun bless you xx


Make sure your vitiams are at the correct levels in your body, have a read of this;


Long as all that is clear, eat well, sleep enough. Long as all that is good then look to other things. Know the feeling I have been told that I have something similar too it. If your able to, do some light execrise, I don't mean hit the gym & go mad anything doesn't matter what, is better than nothing good luck with it all, I'm sure you will do just fine cause that is what I tell myself!


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