Keep waking up through the night

Hi every one I've had depression, anxiety, since October I'm on 30mg of citalopram I'm 47 years old I see my mental health nurse every month but have bad days and not so bad days but I keep waking up all though the night and when it's time to get up I'm so tired I take my medication in the morning so I can go to work it's really doing my head in.


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2 Replies

  • Can you take your medicine at night instead? Insomnia/anxeity/depression all interrelated. Right now I think you're getting anxious about not sleeping and doesn't help that you know you still have to function at work. I can certainly empathize.

  • I wish I could be I'm self employed and need to go to work some times I don't go to work beacuse I'm so tired and not feeling too well

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