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Headache, out of it feeling, tinnitus, anxiety

Hi Everyone,

I've had a low-pressure headache combined with an out-of-it feeling, like a mild hangover, for 4 months straight. After a couple months, tinnitus set in. First I only noticed it in the quiet of night. Now it's 24/7. Makes it difficult to concentrate.

The other issue: I had vertigo for the first time 2 years ago. I've had about 6-8 bouts of it over those 2 years. I had a bout 3 days before all these symptoms started. However, I now know about the Epley Maneuvers and it gets rid of the symptoms quickly. And I've only ever had imbalance during an episode of vertigo -- it doesn't seem to be a symptom of the headache/out-of-it issue.

I've had a CT scan and an MRI with and without contrast. Normal.

I've had all sorts of blood tests. All within range.

And everything is in my head. The rest of my body feels fine. No aches or pains. No nausea. No sinus issues. Sleep fine. Normal appetite.

No medicines have helped.

Anxiety about this condition, combined with various stressors (like having to wait 3 weeks for the MRI), have intensified the symptoms. Seeing a neurologist on Wednesday.

If anyone can relate or has any thoughts, I'd be grateful. But mostly feels good to share.

Thank you!


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