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I've had anxiety for 1 month and now it's finally starting to get better.

But I'm still worried cos my stomach discomfort/hunger pain won't go away...

It's always in the morning, I wake up at 7 am everyday cos I can't sleep for longer without my stomach waking me up.

I try eat, doesn't really help.

it gets better day-night.

I also get mild nausea.

Doctors think it could be gastritis. Idk I feel like it could be IBS too but I don't know?

Could it be stomach cancer?? Should I be worried?? :c

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Glad your anxiety is getting better. Now you need something else to worry about and you're finding it. What are you worried about ? Waking at 7.00 am is no big deal although I my opinion you should try and get 8 hours sleep if possible but 7 is enough for most people ,I just think 8 is better.

How do you know what's waking you up? True you might immediately feel hungry and have stomach discomfort but that does n't mean its what woke you. There are dozens of minor stomach problems that could account for your symptoms but no you want to worry about IBS or stomach cancer. I would continue the apparently successful treatment for anxiety and when that's totally gone I'm sure much of your stomach problem will vanish,and you'll know that not only should you not be worried about IBS or cancer ,but you won't be.



It's just that I've always slept till like 11-12.

But that's true..

I mean it could be my anxiety waking me up since I don't have any sharp pain that hurts so bad I can't stand up or anything But it's more likely something else. Never thought of that, thank u, really!!


11-12 !!! And you're worried about waking up at 7.00 !!

One thing that is a big help if you've had any kind of mental problem is healthy and regular sleep habits . Ideally,old fashioned as it sounds in bed by midnight,most of the time ,and try and give yourself the chance to get 8 hours sleep. i.e. if you have to be up at 7.00, try and be in bed by 10.30 or soon after.

Depression and anxiety are no jokes and you need your body in good shape to join the mind in fighting them. Healthy eating and sleeping habits are part of that fight.


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Glad your feeling a lot better now Zadie X

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