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Anxiety or IBS ?

I am so worried about what is wrong with me :( I keep getting a bloaty, burning, windy feeling in my diaphragm along with pains in the stomach & a feeling like trapped wind in my back at the sides. I don't know what is causing it :( My doc says it is anxiety but I feel it is something else. My digestive system doesn't feel right either :( I thought I have IBS but I am not sure. If I eat well & drink 8 glasses of fluid a day I seem to go to the toilet OK but my stools always seem a bit pellety. I seem to have the symptoms at any time of the day not just after I eat. Like this morning I had to have a blood test so I had to fast but I still had that terrible feeling in the diaphragm & back. The feeling makes me feel sick also which makes it worse. Just wish I knew what was causing all this. Maybe it is anxiety. Maybe it's all in my head :( I feel like I need 6 million tests but my doc says it would be a waste of time & they will all come back negative. What are you going to do then? Then at least I'll know it is all in my head. Don't feel like doing anything it is getting me down so much. The doc put me on zoloft & mirtapazine but it doesn't seem to be helping :( I have been doing 25 mins exercise everyday & meditating & writing down what I am thinking. I think it is helping a little bit but not much :(

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They say everything symptoms I have is anxiety s hard to believe


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