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Anxiety from hell!

It's 2am and I'm woken up in a state of panic, heart racing, sweats. I feel as if my core is trembling. I've been on celexa 10mg for exactly 10 days. Could this be why I'm feeling worse? I've been having anxiety attacks all day. I got into this realm of darkness, so hard to put into worked, but it feels awful. I was feeling great earlier though. At around 4pm I decided I was going to quit my overly stressful job, and felt like a ton was lifted off my shoulders. I work from home so the isolation and the demanding job created a lot of anxiety and panic. Then around 9pm, this overwhelming sense of fear, or panic, darkness, gloom, came over me and attacks are back at full force. What is happening to me? I've never felt like this in my life!!!!! Someone please tell me I'm not going crazy. I feel like checking into a menta hospital. 

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Your not crazy I had a full blown embarrassing attack at the hospital. It was building and building and holy cow did I get into fits of uncontrollable fear. Never experienced anything like it, I almost thought I was loosing my mind or being possessed ( thanks grandma the Catholic for freaking me out about those kind of things). Any who after an hour and a half I was calm again. It really does suck whole in that state, even the following day I was experiencing it again but a milder dose and I felt as though I wasn't myself like I was floaty in my head, or a 1st person view on my video games. It was strange but it is all mental.  You have to learn to roundup those thoughts that make you feel bad and try to control them.  It's not easy, I know I'm still not completely over this bs, but I'm not as terrified as I was before now that I have a better understanding.


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