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Withdrawals with anxiety

I've been suffering for about 3 1/2 years now and till this day it feels new... I should have this all figured out but on some days when I have those bad ass episodes, I let it get to me. Deep inside I know exactly what I should do, from what I've learned etc, but it just feels like I'm stuck and I practically don't do anything. I've been having bad episodes lately and I do have medicine for it but I feel better without it. I hyperventilate and those ones I hate with a passion. I feel paralyzed. Alone at times. Hopeless. But I know I've gotten better and no longer deal with depression as well. I used to have suicidal thoughts but God saved me.... I've accepted my anxiety as well and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I actually feel better as I type this. Please know that it's okay. The storm always passes by and the good always prevails. That's what I need to do for myself and believe and keep the faith. I know how it all works, I'm a pro for having gone through this lol. Anyway, anyone out there feel like chatting please done hesitate! Thanks for reading my semi story....

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Hi Mz Rachel, we must have gone to the same school. I have been more than trained

over the years as to what to do for anxiety episodes as well as what anxiety is. I always feel better when on this site. Knowing I'm not alone, but yet do feel paralyzed with fear every morning. I have not learned to accept it yet and feel a shame that it still goes on. I don't hyperventilate anymore but should I, know what to do. For the most part, I stay in the house because I'm agoraphobic and so the name Agora1. Fits

me to a T. I cry an awful lot even though I have phone therapy several times a week.

Well, I need to get a snow shovel to have it clear just in case a "what if" becomes a

reality. Take care, nice meeting you. Talk soon.

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Oh goodness so sorry I've taken long to respond!!! I really appreciate your time.. I know what you mean about being agoraphobic. I too have suffered and I became depressed bc I did not know why all this was happening and why I was feeling the way I did. It's like I've become this person whom I did not know. I always wants to venture out and being at home was the last place I'd be at. But when things started to happen, I just wanted to stay in bed all day, did not work, no interest in anything, suicidal thoughts etc. I was lost.. But I found my strength in God. It's like who do you go to if you can't even count on yourself... I know what you're going through and believe me, one day you will have enough courage to go about your day and then every day will become easier. Yeah I too didn't wanna accept having this disorder bc I was ashamed with pride.. But accepting it is the hardest part. Not knowing where to start and how to go from there. And it's okay to cry.... Release all that it's good for you. You are not alone... I am here and I know exactly where you're coming from. It will get better. I promise. The cloudy days only last for so long till the sunlight comes shining through. Be strong, you are not alone, someone cares about you and you will beat this. You will be okay....


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