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Nervous Breakdown?


Good evening friends,

Im in the midst of a major breakdown and I need you great advice and kind words to get through this. Maybe someone has been through this. I feel like nothing is real. I think its called depersonalization. I have had this before but the one thing is really bothering me.... Dont judge me please!!!! If you have anxiety issue please do not read any further as I do not want you to develop another worry.

Im scared that I am dead and I dont know it. Like Im ghost like in the movie the sixth sense. It sounds nuts but thats how I feel. I cant shake the feeling. It started out because I was scared of dying and has progressed to this. Some one please shed some light on this! I may be getting promoted at work and I do not want to check in to a hospital and lose the opportunity.

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Hi, My name is Dominic, I am experiencing this I believe at the moment. I understand it might be stressful for you as it is for me. It started when I went to the hospital for pain in the stomach (I have constipation) anyway after my x-ray I starting feeling dizzy a bit and I started to panic and have a breakdown.

The next morning I felt like I died and I was really confused and felt like I was totally lost and I have problems thinking of others things I can't sleep well at night anymore I cry because I'm afraid of dying and leaving my mother and family.

If you're getting your promotion try to keep your anxiety inside don't let it bother you until you feel comfortable.

Sorry for odd response, I am not that good at responding at this kind of stuff.

Aazz in reply to Keno

What you experiencing is depersonalization/ derealization

Read this article it will help you also feet a referral to see a phychiatrist

Can you see your Doctor ? Stress can cause all manor of strange feelings specially if it has been going on for a while. Yes I had these feelings because I was so broken I had to put myself in another place if that makes sense. I was so stressed I shut off from my life .

Your not dead your mind is hopping to one worry to another. What I am about to say I preach to most because being relaxed and taking more control of your mind is the key and its Meditating. People today are so stressed and they don't know it because they have lived with Anxiety for so long but try it. You will find out how to Meditate on wiki step by step instructions. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you take it up and stick with it. Good luck and get back control of your thoughts. Take care ☺ .

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