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Confused :(

I've been getting a lot of shortness of breath and I've picked up this dry annoying cough I feel like I almost do it to catch my breath? I've been getting sharp pains in the top of my back too though? And dull ache in my legs. Doctor Google tells me these are all sighs of blood clots! But I was recently tested for one about 2mo tha ago along with a chest X Ray... Do you think that means I should be ok? I'm SO SICK of all these random problems popping up. It's driving me to tears :(

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What you're describing is what I had all the time.

Stay away from doctor google...we all know we should, but we don't do we ?

I used to break down in tears too.

Thinking of you <3

There's never any peace...there's always a crazy symptom after another.


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Thankyou... Not feeling half as bad today x

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