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Health anxiety,sinus infection,allergies!help!!!

So the last couple of days my anxiety has been always freaking out about my eyes and my vision,I have a lot of pressure behind my right and in my head and my eye has been very very blurry and hard to focus.especially my peripheral vision it's very blurry.and my right ear feels like it has fluid behind it again,which I get all the time and I got tested for allergies and I am allergic to multipul things.had any one ever experienced this before?im terrified that I'm going blind or something.i take clonzapam 0.5 usually break them into small peices and celexa 30 mg which doesn't seem to be working too well for me just makes me sleepy and not be able to think straight and I still over think everything oh n plus I have the whole brain fog really bad.please someone she'd some light to the situation.

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I have sinus problems my nose is constantly blocked I dont know if im allergic to anything I wasnt when I was younger how do they do an allergy test?

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They just poke u with all kinds of needles with a little bit of the stuff you might be allergic to and let it sit there for a min and if your allergic it will start itching and swelling.they done mine on my back.its not that bad.just time consuming.


Hi. Sorry you feel so awful sinus drives me mad ..I find steam inhalation helps a lot I use good old Vick / or whatever your pharmacy suggest.

Good luck.

Peggy 👍


I to have problems with vision and pressure behind the eye also feels puffy to it guess it's just another anxiety thing when we get something we don't like it stays with us for a while because we are always looking for the symptoms

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