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Convinced i have appendicitis

I dont know if im being silly but other morning saturday i was hungover and my belly was making all sorts of noises then it stopped i did only have cheese on toast day before and then that night i felt bloated and my right side of ribs was tender and the back of my ribs right side but i was punching punchbag pretty hard in the club and all i done that week was sit in bed so dunno if its my muscle from not doing anything i dunno but i googled it amd it said it could be appendicitis up intill then i didnt have stomach pain only bloated then read thats also symptom so obviously i panic ive bin getting odd pains in my stomach mostly all around not a specific spot but obviously i notice more when its on the right side, last night i felt dizzy like a weird dizzy amd like i have a cold woke up alot in night felt horrible then in morningi wasnt so bad but i have bin round freinds who have had a horrible cold so dunno if ive caught it but im on and off with it i can jump about i can touch my belly without it hurting just buring up now and then and feeo crappy and dizzy my ribs are still a little tender but not much its really getting to me

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One thing you can do to truly be sure if it's appendicitis is jumping if it severely hurts to jump you should visit a doctor asap but the pain will be so severe you can't jump so if you get off the ground your most likely just suffering from a bunch of tings all at once such as 1.panic attacks due to anxiety

2. The cold could be effecting your stamina and physical condition depending on the strand of cold you have if any at all

3. Drinking alcohol actually lowers your immune system which can create a weak spot and get you sick quicker

4. The gym made you sore either you pushed yourself a little more than your body could handle or all the above comes to play with the gym soreness and doesn't help your situation at all

5. Eating poorly has a great effect on everything also drink lots of water please for your sake

Get well soon,


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Staring to get better now i think was just all so weird i can jump run everything with not even a little pain there and i think i could of pulled a muscle in my side but i think its going now thankyou for your reply:)


Glad to hear any time it's good to know we aren't alone out there in the world

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