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Okay so I have self and doctor diagnosed anxiety. It cripples me at times I feel like my legs and arms are going to give out at any point. My hands and arms want to curl up! I am constantly fumbling words, having chest pain, having bowel issues! I'm convinced something is wrong with me medically (going to see a a different doctor soon) but I NEVER used to be like this I'm 25 I used to be outgoing and never nervous unless I was doing something where the fear was justified (flying, climbing up high things ext.) I have a friend who claims I'm "mentally weak" which lets get real here it's true it's all in my head the problem is that the symptoms are not just in my head! I hate it! I've tried Xanax, no help. I've tried teas, and talking to myself as in when I get nervous I just tell my self "stop being a bitch, it's all in your head you're mentally strong!" Usually doesn't help. I also drink coffee every morning and have high blood pressure!

The question is can any of you help me find a quick fix to this! I hate thinking it'll never end!! I have things to do! Lol

Sincerely, Scared nervous


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first of all if you have anxiety coffee will not help it there is no quick fix i'm affraid if the medication is not working it will be best to see your doctor but it dose take about 6 weeks for any medication like that to work i suffer from anxiety big time have been on countless medication to try find the right one as not all medicstion are for every person wmay need to try diff ones that can help you i have also tried rescue remedy in the past which is all herbal so no side affects or anything it did work for me as i didnt want to go out but rescue remedy takes the edge off you so u can go out if u go on Dr Batch remedy website and have a read it ay help you but it has to be dr batch remedy if u buy it thats the proper rescue remedy

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Hi John. Bad news first - there is no quick fix for anxiety I am afraid - not unless it is a temporary episode and related to a particular incident. Good news - there will be an end to it when you get the correct treatment.

I have heard so many times about people changing doctors because they think they will get a different outcome to their diagnosis. I can honestly say that I never heard of one case where that happened. Doctors are highly trained professionals who rarely miss anything so obvious as as a terminal or even serious illness. Unfortunately, as most of us in this group can attest to, the belief that 'they' have 'missed' something usually proves to be wrong.

Anxiety has a way of making you believe something that is just not real in any way. People like us attend hospitals and doctors on multiple occasions because we think that this time they will find the problem. The problem has already been found - it is anxiety/health anxiety/ocd/depression. And that is what needs to be treated. Not the symptoms.

So you can have faith that you will overcome the anxiety if you insist on getting the correct treatment. By correct treatment I dont mean a doctor just writing a prescription. That is not addressing the problem, only the symptoms. The most proven and successful long term cure for all of those problems is therapy.



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