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Upside down & back to front

Hi everyone , I totally feel upside down & back to front it's the only way I can describe this awful anxiety at the mo iv been doing so well & sone of you my lovely friends have replied it's a very personal journey for all if us, but my normal anxiety falls into call my other anxiety health anxiety my thyroid issue triggered that one I do believe .at the minute i just pray to sleep well throughout the night & wake feeling rested &;calm *;have that strength I usually gave to get through anything.I will fave a herb nighttime tea & see if not looks like a trip to the docs see if I can get something to help sleep has I have a 3 year old son too to take care of. Binkynoo hope I relax & test will let you know otherwise il be on later joining you fir support.

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hi binkynoo that sounds rotten and I am in a similar place.Have just rung up to arrange a GP callback via my work health plan and am already wound up about even speaking to them. Cannot face going through a load of backstory when I feel so rough. But want to feel like I am doing something to help myself and reassure myself.

Now of course I'm terrified that they tell me to go to A&E just in case, because then I'll be there for eleven hours because they quickly decide you're not dying and put you to the back of the line...but don't let you go argh.

If you don't mind I'm listing my symptoms for you not the doc so I can just read them out when he/she rings.

Nausea, painful waves of nausea and wind. The runs sorry! Tightness in upper back. Pains in arms. Freezing cold hands. Hot body (but temperature is fine I checked). Travelling dot of pain like clot waiting to happen. Obviously pounding heart. Also yawning and tiredness like I could just pass out. Shivers, but also hot sweats.

It does all sound like anxiety doesn't it!


Later. Spoke to phone-GP and he was excellent. Told me travelling dot of pain not indicative of anything. The rest we worked through and confirmed most likely is my existing anxiety flaring up because of work and other stresses in my life. So reassuring!

I feel so much better. Why can't my own GP be so non judgmental and efficient?

Anyway. Sorry to blurt all this on here but was just feeling very alone like you do with this horrible anxiety.

I hope your day is getting better and you got some rest. It is v hard with children because they don't understand and of course you don't want them to. If you can get some time to yourself to snuggle up, watch mindless telly or read light hearted book (recommend Jeeves and Wooster) keep warm and comfort yourself in whatever way you like best, then that at least might help get you through until you can contact a doc.



Thankyou worrymagic2013, that sounds reassuring let me know how you get in , im stressing a little about sleep tonight has I usually wake bit will get on here for support , im kinda monitoring my own symptoms it's overtook my mind my stomach feels like it's a tad burn sensation lots of wind gurgling could iy be ibs I wonder , I am stressed at the minute and gum pain must get into dentist again , so will see doc monday, just like you say reassure evaluate obviously due to my previous thyroid issue too , I have a week off work so looking foward to a bit of pamper time tv let my body &,mind unwind relax I feel like I'm so tense stiff walking about. Binkynoo will let you know how it goes.

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