Hi all

This is the last thing that I am trying

Been to psychiatrists psychologist... Took hypnotic use

I have anxiety with nausea... Especially meeting someone or even going out with friends...

Took ciperalax ... Did wonders... I was ok..

Didn't wanna get hooked on medication...

Tapered it off...

Now I have anxiety whenever I have to go to party or meet people or even go out at times...

I have Xanax with me...

When situation seems out of control I take it... It helps!!!!

Anyone else suffers with this kind of anxiety😔


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  • Anxiety causes many symptoms and symptoms become magnified by our negative thoughts. Negative thinking is what anxiety feeds on. Reprogram your thoughts. I know it's hard. I've been there. It seems you have tried many things which you say did not help, but you were on meds that made you feel good. Why stop? Taking meds calms you down so you can work on your anxiety disorder. When not focusing on how bad you feel, you will be able to focus on getting better. Exercise, eat healthy, drink water, get enough sleep. Keep doing things with friends and family. Think of others. Do things that you enjoy (hobbies), sports, etc. Taking your meds and working on all this will take time. Give it a chance. Could take months or year but keep pushing through. You will know when you don't need meds anymore. When that time comes Dr will help you get off the meds but the positive thing is you will feel better physically and mentally. Live one moment at a time and no matter how long it takes keep pushing. Worth it. Been there and it helped me.

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