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Reduction of Citalopran

After a irregular ecg I was advised to change my anti depressant - but first I had to reduce the citalopran weekly down to 5mg which I'm on now.

The first two weeks as I posted on here were awful. But since reducing them from 20 to 5mg I have realised I am smiling more. Less tetchy. Even my counsellor commented on a change in me this week.

I was due to change over to new tablet this weekend. I phoned my gp who was pleasantly surprised and very pleased for me and agreed for a few weeks I could try on no anti depressants at all. I have an appointment for end October just in case.

This has me thinking the long spell (5 years on 40mg ) on citalopran has numbed me. I have discovered senses I forgot I had.. GP explained these tablets can block sensations etc.

So Im going to go it alone for this month and see how I am. Have to say its confusing tho, seems to me my treatment for anxiety has only served to take away my personality.

Has anyone else came off anti presents with this result. I just hope I don't wake up one day in my black world again. Quite liking this bright new one. x

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thanks for the post. it is very good info. I'm on 40mg at the moment, I always used to be on 20mg (at least 20 years). I get palpitations and always feel very fatigued, I wonder if this could be the reason. I am really pleased for you and hope you continue to feel well x

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HI I have done the same ,I have come off all my meds ,and yes its hard to do but like me u have done it ,,for the 1st time in years I can sleep ,,,,,whoop,and after 2o years on meds I feel like my old self ,,

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It's early days but have to say I feel so much livelier and happier. Hope it lasts xx. Thank for your replies


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