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Growing Fears

Hello, everyone. Two weeks ago I started feeling really good. My fears were starting to diminish, and all of my issues seemed to be disappearing. This week that changed. I stopped taking my Acid Reflux medicine due to my doctor saying that I shouldn't have to be on it much longer. I guess I stopped it too soon, or I started eating stuff that I shouldn't too fast. I'm just so afraid that what I have is not acid reflux. I'm afraid to sleep, because I'm afraid that I won't wake up. Every little pain is driving me nuts. I have occasional head pressure, a couple of canker sores, a little heart burn here and there, and every little thing feels like I have some terrible disease. I just want to sleep peacefully without death lingering over my head. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

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Firstly, you won't die.

Acid reflux will give you pain as you know, so don't worry, but you know full well what is causing the issues as you, yourself, stated that you stopped when you should not have and have started eating stuff you shouldn't.

Why did the doctor tell you that you won't be on the medication for acid reflux much longer? What medication were you on?

You have absolutely no reason to die, none. Go and see your doctor and tell him this

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