I ended up in the er the other day

So the other day was a bad day I went to sleep and wook up feeling weird I got up and walk around for awhile the went back to sleep then it happened again woke the filling was a Lil worse walk around and fall asleep woke up a third time disoriented and with blurry vision scared me so bad I went to the er my blood pressure was 185 over 121 they had to give me 2.0 mg of xanax and a strong high blood pressure meds has this happen to anyone els was it just a bad anxiety attack or something els????


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  • Yes im only 28 yrs old and when i hit the er because of a Anxiety attack my blood pressure is always high .... Even though urs was extremely high

  • Am 28 to that why I was scared about it

  • Hope u feel better

  • I usually suffer from low blood pressure but when I went to the doctor in a panic for the first time in my life I had high blood pressure so I definitely think anxiety and panic attack raise your blood pressure at the time of the really high anxiety/stress/panic. However it is a good idea to check with the doctor just in case you have general high blood pressure if you do it can be sorted out with diet exercise and meds so don't worry too much.

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