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I really can't stand this. I have to share this.

I am getting constant chest pains since lunch. Maybe I am mixing heart burns with chest pains.

I just want some help to understand whether my condition is chest pain, or a heart burn. OR what is even the difference between these 2 things.

What is happening with me right now, I feel like my chest is congested, and when I try to feel what it is, it feels like a burning sensation across my chest and lungs I believe. I don't get it on heart primarily, it feels across my chest to be explicit. And it weakens or almost immediately goes away when I Burp forcefully. Its like I can burp forcefully forever, And using that, This thing goes away.

Please help me understand what this is. And to add, I have no heart conditions, ("for god's sake you're just 22", is what my doctor had to say when I was brought to the emergency room because of a spike in my heart rate 6 months ago). An angiography has returned normal, including an ECHO that returned normal too..

SO please help, I just keep freaking out that I am getting a heart attack maybe... :(


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What you are feeling is like that your instetines are getting churned and what you think as chest pain is really abdominal pain,

Am i right?

Dont you feel like your instetines are churned??

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Yes I agree, it is a similar feeling. But then why the burns across my chest? :(

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It is like adrenaline is flowing all the way up!!

When you feel calm this pain will go!!

But for that you should not force to be calm!!

Just go somewhere you really feel calm!!!

You cannot force calmness on yourself it should be natural!!

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YES!!!! you are so right :)

it does go away when I am calm and not thinking about it.

Does make sense, when you say you can't force normalcy :)

Thanks brother :)


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