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Hi all, just wondering if anyone can shed any light at all on my symptoms. In short, 9 years ago I went out drinking and when I got into bed I felt a brain shift, like a wave going across my brain. I woke the next morning to being hung over but I was constantly dizzy (No vertigo or balance issues) and light headed for around 4 to 6 weeks and it went away. Skip to 9 years later march this year I went out drinking and the exact same thing happened! I didn't worry too much about it but I did get anxiety, but after two and a bit weeks it went again. I then stupidly drank again and it came back! And here we are in July and I'm still suffering. Constant 24/7 lightheadedness dizzy with odd wave like sensations behind my nose.constant tired eyes and a shed load of Anxiety and depression because of it not going away. Had all tests known to man, all clear, went on anti depressants, no joy. Mri clear, ear tests clear, homeopathy not working, nor accupuncture, nor a chiropractor, nor benzos, nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas? And nope I don't drink anymore, I've cut it out completely.

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I can realate to your condition, unfortunately that's the only thing I can do.

I am suffering with it myself, however nothing helps. I have tried a few things, but those didn't work for me. But after looking at your list of things that you have covered, I am afraid, there's hardly anything else that would work. Lol, Its like you saved a lot of my time and money. NO offence, just messing with you.

But know that you are not the only one, I feel lightheaded 24*7 too.... Its a feeling I am kind of now used to, but I am not liking it.

Hope this helps,



Hi, thanks for.your reply, so yours started after alcohol too? And how long have you been suffering with it now? Do you have any tinnitus or pressure in your nose too?


I had this for weeks straight along with head pressure. I focused on it constantly and I was very upset, scared and stressed about it. Then I decided to just let it be and completely stop focusing on it and not worry about it anymore and it went away! I still get it sometimes but I just follow the same steps and it doesn't last as long. I am trying to apply this technique to my symptoms one by one. Hope this helps :)

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