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I was wondering if anxiety can cause muscle tension in the pelvic region that makes everything a little more difficult. I noticed I was constipated yesterday after I was told I needed to go to the store and it kind of provoked an anxiety attack. I got halfway through the store before jetting out and my hands were shaking, I felt sick, and my heart was pounding for a good twenty minutes afterwards. I'm not putting myself down, though. I didn't even think I could get into the store so I did more than I thought so I'm saying good job, me! But anyway, this has me somewhat concerned. I've read some scary stuff about like, bowel obstruction but this has been going on for weeks; if it were that, wouldn't it have like.....caused something by this point?

I'm well aware that a lot of this must be anxiety, especially after seeing how much I was shaking yesterday. My hands were shaking at the thought of going into the store, and this was hours before I left! I'm switching my insurance so I can't go to the doc's right now. But I'm worried that feeling weak and this pelvic thing is connected and that I have some type of illness. But I hear it's common to have stuff like this with anxiety?

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damn that's not good if you haven;t pooped in a few weeks, but i hope things get sorted out, if you don't feel better take a laxative


No,I havent had that. I mean i had been anxious over it for weeks. Its over now.

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