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Help please.. I have had a problem for years now were I wake with a tremor. .also diagnosis of pvcs but last while when I nap during day I dream of dying and my heart feels irregular and I wake sweating and shaking...It feels sometimes like my heart has stopped and I wake with the shakes ..I am aware of dreams sometimes but always about heart problems ..I am terrified and cannot go on like like this...I am under a lot of personal stress..friend died..relationship problems..but I'm fine during the day...I can live with the odd missed beat as 24 hour holter showed benign few years ago..its the half asleep feeling like death naps and the shaking...Please can anyone relate


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  • Hello, I have had something like this twice. When I did my research it said it could be sleep paralysis. That is the only thing that made sense to me. Look it up.

  • Hi thanks for your reply:) I did look up sleep paralysis. .was your experience similar with palps. .The tremors I get every morning so I'm wondering if I have night stress when 😐

  • Hey, yes I do get palpitations but I thought they were caused by me stressing over it. You need to drink some tea before bed and get someone to massage you back and neck, or take a long warm bath, so your body can relax before going to sleep. That will help you relieve some of the stress build up and relax your muscles.

  • Thanks for your time you are Def right as I probably do go to sleep medicated but tense.thank you

  • Mornings are rough because your cortisol levels are highest then...this may be why you're shaking. I have had my heart checked out so many times because anxiety makes it do crazy things. I wake up in the middle of the night with what feels like a gasp for air. It stinks, but will get better with time.

  • The shaking is horrible as soon as I wake im aware of it and it goes away if I sit up ..that's very helpful info thank you

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