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How can i cope with the physical symptoms of anxiety?

Has anyone figured out how to cope with the physical symptoms of anxiety? I've only had it for a few months. Before my first attack i was completely normal. since the first one i feel like a different person. I get them almost daily and have symptoms all the time. Brain fog, difficulty thinking and swallowing food, headaches, muscle twitches, lightheadedness and so on. To list them all would take time lol. During attacks it always makes my head feel weird like im gonna pass out and die or somthing and everthing seems dreamy. Very terrifying. I need someone else with similar things to talk to because i dont feel like anyone understands. Im in therapy to try to get to the bottom of what is causing this but I've only had 2 sessions so far and i am tired of being scared of how my head feels. Thank you for reading all of this....i know it is alot.

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I think it's once you accept that it's just anxiety and let the feelings float over you. It's something I have been working on for 6 months now and I'm finally seeing some progress. Drink lots of lemon honey tea, take epsom salt baths, get massages, exercise, sleep, look up all of the foods that may help and stay away from the ones that dont. Try your hardest to say as many positive things to yourself as you can even when you don't feel well. Pretend it's a battle your in to gain your life back and realize how strong you are for making an effort and looking for a way to end it. Write if you ever need xx

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I have the same symptoms as you . And we are very alike i was completely fine and then it came out of no where ! But I am also in counseling. Sessions help but I still feel like this on a daily basis. Not to worry though you may feel like your dying its just anxiety. I hope that you feel better and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me . xoxo- Jeannie

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This was me eight months ago. The dreamy feeling is called Derealization. I used to have it (for over a month) but it went away after I did SO much research and found out the way to get over it is to literally be okay with it. Don't fear it. I couldn't even do school because I couldn't think. It was ridiculous. I've had light headedness but luckily, that's diminished quite a lot. My most irritating symptom is Depersonalization. That's where instead of the world feeling weird, you feel weird. That has been going on for eight months but I'm finally okay with experiencing it. Like I'm no longer freaked out by it. It'll go away when you stop being afraid/thinking about it and continue to do stuff.


Hi, staying calm and accepting the fact that you can control these feelings will help.

I am a believer in your body "talks " to you. If you have had this for only a few months, do you know what was happening in your life around that time. There may be some connection. ..or could be an "aftershock" of something previously and once overcome the situation .and can then catch up with you.

Hypnotherapy is a good way to retrain your mind to remain calm.

You can try this, it may help- recognise the signs of this building up and breath in deeply, hold for a moment , breath out as much oxygen as you can. Repeat this a few times.

Each time you breath in, breath in calm and breath out the tension.

Note- make sure you are sitting as you may feel light headed by this but it will allow you to be calm.

After this simple exercise , imagine you are somewhere you love to be, where you are happy and relaxed- beach, bath, bed, garden, whatever works for you. Imagine yourself in this place vividly, then step into that person and experience this fully and embrace all the calm feelings it evokes.


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