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Anxiety is a terrible rollercoaster ride. There are times when I feel really confident and hopeful, but then there are those debilitating moments that leave you distraught. When will it ever end?!. I just don't want to overthink anymore. I don't want to have to worry constantly about my health. Doctor says Im healthy so why can't I be satisfied? I just feel like I'm stuck right now in quicksand. Anxiety, fear, and worry are swallowing me whole. No one in my family understands, and I feel like I'm a burden to them everytime I wanna talk about how I'm feeling. I know Ive said in the past that I've somewhat overcome this anxiety, but I haven't, I feel like Im losing my mind (is it possible to go crazy from anxiety?). Just felt like venting...maybe there is someone out there who will read this who understands. Because no one here around me does...

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I totally understand how you feel!! I feel like everyone thinks I'm crazy. But this anxiety stuff is REAL, and it sucks REALLY bad. I've been off work 3 months with it so far. I learned when this all started that I have PTSD, anticipatory anxiety and anxiety. I feel like I live in constant fear. I've been doing EMDR therapy and I think it's helping me, but I have a ways to go. I'm laying here in bed feeling like I'm rocking back and forth on a boat! Ughhhh!!! To me it's the worst physical symptom of anxiety. I don't even know what I'm freaking out about right now, but the anxiety is there! I want it all to end!! I want to feel normal again.

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hi glitch you sound so much like me my anxiety and depression can be great one day but really down the next ! regarding no one round you understanding you could it be that they have never suffered or even know someone with anxiety or depression ! thats the thing about depression and anxiety there may be no out wards signs there is any thing wrong ! please remember they reckon that 1 in 4 might suffer with anxiety or depression at sometime in there life ! take care and let us you get on ! david


We could talk about it together because talking I've noticed helps me... And it feels good to talk to someone who knows exactly what you're going through.


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