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Nobody can relate to what I'm feeling, only this community

Today I went shopping alone for a pair of outfit for my best friend's wedding tomorrow.

As soon as I tried on my 2nd pair of pants I was like perspiring and felt trapped in the changing room.Felt like fainting and so I quickly got out and returned home.

I feel that im not ready to meet crowds and mingle and entertain people yet.

Just feel so disappointed, I thought the meds were helping me get better.

I'm on Xanax 0.5mg - 1mg


Activan 1mg

don't really quite like activan as the kick comes very very slow and I get all spaced out the next day.

Sometimes I also don't really know how to describe spaced out~ I feel like fainting , I feel I'm not myself, I feel weird , my heart palpitats without warning and I've practically no mood to do anything.

I used to swim, exercise go out etc till I had this problem.

I hope you guys are feeling better today!!

God bless...

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Hey there, I know the feeling. Has anything happened to you in the past to make you anxious? X message me anytime if you like


They say "work through it". So while you are safely tucked away in a changing room cubicle - sit down, breathe deeply, sing a favourite song in your head, or something to take your mind off things, and allow the sweats and palpitations to subside. Nothing bad has happened. its just your body getting ready for something bad. The more your body gets used to nothing bad happening - the less it reacts to these situations.

You can but try it!


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Thanks for the tip :)


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