I have pains under my left ribs since january.i got bloood test in january all normal. Now its back. I dont say its a severe pain the pain is 5/10 i guess. But still worry.they all say its anxiety. And its randomly appears all over my stomache. I always think i will have colon cancer, please help me. Im 18 years old male. IM ON DIET. BUT I HAVE 2 DAYS CHEAAT DAY A WEEK, HAVE ANXIETY SINCE AUGUST LAST YEAR. ://


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4 Replies

  • When you say left ribs are you referring to where you can press under the ribs and up into ur tummy ????

  • Yesss.

  • Do you drink fizzy drinks and lager and eat spicy food. To me it sounds like ur having indigestion problems. Have you tried galviscon when you get pain? If not then it's worth a try

  • No. It just appear any part of the day... cant even sleep well bcoz of this. ://

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