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I had a accident at work a while ago,3weeks. (inhaled gas from mixed chemicals) Since that day I have been fighting with chest pain, heartbeats, feeling that my heart is stoping, constant feeling that something is wrong, insomnia, heartburn, cold sensations in head, headaches, yesterday I had terrible sharp pain in the belly and rushed to the hospital, they did blood tests,wee tests and ecg/ekg...Everything was perfectly normal. My whole family says it is anxiety. Doctors also can't find a reason for it and I am totally losing it.. What should I d? Could it be something else or is it pure anxiety.. Every day there is a new symptom..

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hi nansy sorry to hear of your accident at work ! i presume your off work just now if so ask.your doctor if lung x rays would help with confirming or denying any damage to your lungs ask. the health and safety executive to take a look at why the accident happen and what can be done to prevent it happening again ! also they maybe able to give you advice as to harmful the chemicals are ! Take care david


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