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New to this site and worried

Hi im emily and im 16. Ive been suffering with anxiety for almost 7 months now which just came out of the blue whilst on holiday.

After an MRI on my head to reassure me that i didnt have a brain tumour, they saw that my pituitary gland is enlarged. Another mri showed no sign of a tumour there.

Im now freaking about adrenal cancer as i am possitive i have symptoms of cushings. Since there is no tumour in my pituitary gland, there has to be on in my adrenal glands and im positive its cancerous.

I cant stop worrying about this.

Anyone know if this can cause enlargement of my gland. I have slightly low thyroid but normal blood sugar lever

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Awww I had to reply as you are the same age as my daughter and if I thought she was going through this it would break my heart,firstly I had a mri scan and paid private as my dr said I didn't need one, they noted something on piturity gland well I went bonkers!!!!! Panicked read all sorts on dr google it took over my life my thoughts for 8 weeks until another dr reviewed the scan and said it was a little cyst and ignore it no treatment needed, now he also told me that's why drs don't like to order scans tests because lots of tiny things that will never cause us harm can be detected and cause harm mentally!! Now I'm no dr but your piturity gland can swell for many different reasons, it's a gland and a surge of hormones could make it swell or you may just have a larger than normal gland if your dr suspected a adrenal gland tumour you would be having tests done, now Cushing's syndrome I had it when I was on a high dose of steriods and belive me if you had it a dr would see it in your face and neck belive me I looked like a full moon!!!!!! But if u really want answers then you must be pro active go to your gp and ask why is my gland enlarged? What could it be and what are you my gp going to do about it? Once you have answers it might not be such a worry At such a young age you really need help to understand all these thoughts and feelings you are having, have you spoke to a counciler? If not I suggest you do when I started at 19 with this my first bit of councilling really helped me understand my physical symtoms of anxiety, you are not alone, I hope you have a understanding family around u, it does help and please try not to worry lol says me!! Better days are ahead take care sending you lots of love xxxxxxxx


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