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Don't Know What to Think

I have random throat pains, constant muscle spams, body aches, head pressure and overall feeling of being "down". When I wake up in the morning while brushing my teeth yellow phlegm always comes up and the mucous in my nose is green. The doctor said my sinuses may be blocked and to take allergy medicine. I recently tested positive for Chlamydia which made my anxiety worse and I took the medication prescribed which should clear up the infection within a week.

I am so upset with everything in my life as of right now and I just wish for an answer and solution to the way I am feeling. I have been to the doctor, multiple tests done, ultrasound on my thyroid, and no one has found anything wrong with me. I like this and hate this at the same time because I still feel the same way everyday. When i google my symptoms the worst cases always pop up first which sends me into dramatic worry about my health. Not sure what else to do. Anyone have advice?


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These sound like very common anxiety symptoms. The achiness is from tightening your muscles. Anxiety can stress the immune system which can increase the production of mucus. Googling will make it worse, so stop doing it. If you have to, Google "can anxiety cause [insert symptom here]" and those are the results okay to look at because they are validating. Looking at the wide spectrum of health symptoms will pull up everything imaginable. Anxiety can cause over 100 different symptoms and that's not including the variation of each of those symptoms.

I've experienced a lot of them and have gone to the doctor's once and nothing came up; same as you.


Two comments..

1. trust your doctor and the tests.

2. - the BIG one - don't Google symptoms. Look up chipped fingernail and you'll end up thinking you have Blackwater Fever or some such illness!!!!


Googling symptoms = T H E no 1 worst thing! It'll always tell u you're dying of something or other! It sounds like u are on an an antibiotic for chlamydia anyway so that may help clear the sinus problems too. if not - go back to the docs. i know what you mean about having tests and not finding anything wrong. It's a great thing that nothing is found wrong but at the same time u want to know the reason for these symptoms.

We are all on this quest.


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