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Anxiety Attack :(

Yesterday i had an appointment with a physciatric Dr

They whole entire ride there I was anxious worried. I'm just afraid they'll put my in a psch ward :(


And the other day I read a story of a woman my age die of septic shock from her flu. Now I'm wooried that my sore throat or and cut on my body well do the same grt infected

And I was feeling shaky all day :( and like my body is off like I know there is something wrong, and about 2 hrs ago I went to sleep fine but woke up feeling shaky and weak.

Psych out me in prozac 10 mg then to up it to 20 mg after two weeks.

She said it should help with my constant anxious mind and all that.

Whatever I read that's health related is hell afterwards for me.

I dunno if it's really real what I'm going through or just anxiety

What do uvthink?

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I stopped watching the news some time ago because it affected me so badly. The media wants ratings so they really play things up. So no more news for and that is it. And don't read the news on line either....if it isn't a comedy or something funny then turn away! I read an article written by a physician (a cardiologist) and that is what he did for himself. He had to stay positive to do his job well. So I decided to do the same thing. Laugh, sing, dance but stay away from news that is "septic." I heard about the "septic" woman - my co-workers were talking about it. I walked some tea. Keep a glass of water by your bed at night. If you wake up shaky, take a sip...just a sip. It will ground you - at least it helps me. Blessing and peace to you.

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Thank you for your reply :)

I went awhile with out checking the just like you but I go about my days with interactions with only kids and at the end of the day I want adult shows and catch up on current events so when I do talk to other adults :(

I'm just tired that I get every symptom I read from a health article.


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