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Anxiety or Not Anxiety???

Man I have so much going on right now. My head is everywhere my body feels weird. My heart rates been low for 2 days now like low all the way down to 38 when I'm sleeping and around 50-55 reg. Usually its in the 75-80 or even in the 112 cuz my anxiety... My anxiety attacks have even been weird. I went to the hospital tonight and freaked out when they did the iv and the whole time I had the iv I freaked out thinking there was air bubbles I was telling my sister in law to stop touching it I was just literally panicing thinking I was gonna die. Well they did an EKG, XRAY, BLOOD WORK, URINE ... Everything came back good they said I had a cold I'm scared... I dont know what's real or not real anymore.??? Anyone have any advice I'm losing it I can't do it anymore

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I was having really bad migraines for about 3 months I'd get dizzy nauseous and I thought I was gonna die . I went to the hospital and I remember freaking out about the IV too . Lol I thought that it felt weird . I had a major panic attack even though all they were giving me was fluids . But not to worry a slow heart beat while sleeping is a good thing . It means your heart isn't having to do so much work to get blood through your body . My heart rate is VERY slow when I sleep because I'm am athlete . Don't worry I was told this by a cardiologist that it is NORMAL ! Just try to calm down . Talk to yourself . Say I'm okay . I feel fine ! The doctors said I'm perfectly healthy . This is a panic attack and IT CANNOT kill me . And it WILL PASS just like all of the other ones . Try not to say anything negative . Keep doing that and it'll go away . I hope you feel better !!

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