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Wide awake :-(

Hi anyone of you are about at this hour ,I really need some shut eye , Iv been laid here , just listening to my heart beat convincing myself it's racing , feeling nervous anxious only starting feeling this since sat I was doing good otherwise , I am a week before that time of the month so must be suffering insomnia even worse & anxiety panic attacks. I try to have a nice milky drink but not worked so Iv had to take a sleep aid, anybody suffer like this what works for you any tips gladly welcome. :-( Binkynoo

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Hi binkynoo, I'm awake same problem I just feel so on edge and anxious :( I find for me, I know it might sound silly, but if you search relaxing music on spotify you'll find some lovely albums. I only did this as people had told me too but it really does work, makes you feel a lot better. I also keep a small dim light on in my room as it's relaxing, as well as using an eye mask! If you can do things like shower, take a bath, read a book and stuff before that works, especially the book as it tires your eyes!

I personally take lorazepam so it may sound a bit silly but I've tried those things and they do work! Hope that helps and that you manage to get some sleep soon! Just remember, you're okay it's just your mind playing tricks on you! Also try the 479 breathing technique, in for 4 through the nose, hold for 7, out through mouth for 9! I find that really works if I get anxious at night, and listening to the music :)

Hope you feel better soon Hun :)

LAN xx


Hey! I've had a few nights in which my heart was racing and couldn't sleep, I was super dizzy and felt like I was "blacking out" rather than "falling asleep." Like last night. It seems to happen every time I take a pill (medicine or multivitamins)..and It happened once when I drank "relaxing" tea. Also when the weather seemed to spike in humidity. It might be low blood pressure. Anyways I'm not a doctor. Anxiety does play a role though. I don't know what else to tell you since I'm struggling with this too. What I do is not very helpful if you have a morning job (the case with me), but I usually just get out of bed and walk around the block until I feel tired, or get enough oxygen (breathe slowly and fully). I also convince myself that my heart is not racing and it's a normal heartbeat. Until I feel like I can sleep I just don't go to bed to avoid some sort of episode. I happened to read somewhere that everyone notices their heartbeat at night because you're relaxing and not moving..it's normal and I hope you can get through this :)


hi firecandy, thanks for pointing out that heartbeat more noticeable at night. Obvious when you think about it, just never had before!


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