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Anxiety attack??

I haven't been drinking enough water.

This morning I woke up feeling super thirsty and like my body just feeling funny wanting water.

I got up took a shower and left to help out my "mother in law" and her house is like 32cel and humid

I start sweating pouring bad I still had to walk home got here chugged down a water bottle plus a sports drink and more water

I feel like my chest is tight restricted of some sort is this a panic attack??

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Hello, staying hydrated is important. I can be my own worst enemy sometimes and I don't drink enough water simply because "I am not thirsty", but I have been told that drinking water throughout the day is important and helps with anxiety so I now do my best to drink more water.


Hello, the chest tightness sounds like anxiety or stress. I have spoken with many people who describe this symptom. If possible, try and just stop for a second, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You have control and are able to stop it completely. This technique has worked great. It only takes one big deep breath to feel 10x times better. Good luck!


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