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Feeling tired and ugly

For the past couple days I've felt physical symtoms of a heart attack.. I can't sleep now today I woke up with a headache and jaw pain here & there. I've been in bed all day I'm self diagnosing myself to have TMJ cause I have jaw pain & googled it. I get a hot sensation all over my body. Face feels like needles poking me and everytime I open my mouth it kind of hurts feels weird. I did have my 2 bottom wisdom teeth removed 2 1/2 months ago but I don't think it's from that as it's in the front of my chin all around..Has anyone ever experienced this? I'm scared

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Hi Terri

I have just been reading that you have anxiety & OCD , also that you had a premature baby I can only imagine how stressful that must have been but good news that everything is now fine :-)

The jaw , do you clench your teeth or grind them , so many of us with anxiety do & the clenching of are teeth which as well as grinding puts real pressure on our jaws & gives an awful lot of pain , I have been in agony before with jaw pain because of these reasons , you can even be doing it & not realize because it becomes such a habit

I am not a doctor but thinking you have the symptoms of a heart attack no doubt will be your anxiety , if you have been checked out by your GP & they have given you the all clear then it can be difficult but try & trust them it would be more than their job was worth to not do further investigations if they thought there was reason for concern , if you have not been to your GP over this then go & let them check you over , it can give you that peace of mind which when we have anxiety we need

Please don't Google , I know its so tempting , I used to do it all the time & frighten myself so much making everything 100 times worse because Google will always throw out the worse scenario , remember that Google doesn't have your medical history so it cannot diagnose you , only your GP can do that , come on here & talk rather than Google , I am sure you will feel a lot better talking to others that know how you feel :-)





Hello 1whywhy, I appreciate your reply.. Since I've had these symptoms for the last 2 wks I haven't been to the drs due to insurance issues. I am not aware of grinding my teeth unless it's while I sleep. It is so hard to stop googling I have to keep reminding myself not to cause then I worry much more. I do have depression too so I think the anxiety is on too of that too:( it's such an awful feeling I'm tired of feeling these certain ways.. I'm scared my jaw pain or tightness of the jaw is another physical symptoms of a heart attack.


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