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Hi all,

Ive been sufferig from anxiety for the past 3 years now. I have come into control of some symptoms and problems but there are some symptoms that don't tend to go away. I wanted to see if anyone else had the same thing because looking at the post below or above me, I can see things I went through too, its the same thing re-occurring to different people. However I haven't seen any posts describing the symptoms that I will state below:

When ever I am cold, even slightly, I start to shiver. My hands start to turn white ( sorry its a bit shock especially if you are brown ), my legs start feeling weak and I feel as if I'm going to collapse. I am also shivering, shaking and get a lot of blurred thinking. The same thing happens after I drink water especially in the mornings.

This is similar when I go training; running or gym. I feel as if I am going to faint, I am shaking, it has got to the point where I have given up on exercise. I also get very breathless, like my neck is tightening up. I am not asthmatic or anything else. I just have an under active thyroid like many other people on this forum.

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HI Mr, and welcome to the site. It sounds very good so far your post, getting a handle on some of your anxiety after three years is great :) Sometimes it can take years and years. I'm a anxiety sufferer for most of my life but then really bad in the last year and half. I can handle little things like you say, but then there are things that just will not go away intrusive thoughts and symptoms of anxiety , they like to keep hanging on in the hope one day you will submit again x Being cold is quite common in anxiety, as when your anxiety is peaking it causes the blood to rush around more and more faster and then it means that your body becomes warm, so when your anxiety is high all the time you always sweat and feel hot x But when you manage to get a grip on anxiety it means you feel the cold more, I sit with a jacket on in the house some days x It sounds as if your thyroid could be causing more of this than the actual anxiety, so maybe its best t go and speak to your gp again to be sure xx Donver x


Hi MJ I have been hearing a lot about the thyroid lately.. My GP send me for a blood test last week... I also get this feeling of overheating when I get anxious. Its like an instantaneous heat rise in the body... but lately it has been isolated to my hands... which feel like they are sunburned??. steve


Hello Mr J I'm wondering if you've been tested for diabetes as that can make you feel weak and cold.


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