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1 Week later on 20mg citalopram

Ok, so one week later after upping my does on citalopram to 20mg and things were going great! ......until last night :(

As some of you may know I have had bad health Anxeity and was told i had IBS as well.

I was on 10mg of citalopram and 30g of Lansoprazole - now down to 15

any way, (and sorry bout this) but for about 6/7 weeks ive had excessive wind, never concerned me until last night!

Now it may be the stronger tablets side effects kicking (increased Anxiety) in but now all i can think is its Colon Cancer again!

its so frustrating especially as ive had a fantastic week with no worries what so ever!

Also i have 0 sex drive and this is upsetting my wife, does this pass in time?

Could it really be something more serious like Colon Cancer or another form of Cancer!

I really want to stop today so the anxiety doesnt get worse

thanks everyone again (No your prob getting fed up with my posts)

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Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. I am sure if there was any sign of colon cancer your GP would have spotted it. I think you are just suffering a small setback and will have more good days, as for the sex drive I would check the side effects of the medication you are taking, most A/Ds have this unfortunate side effect.

take care Kenny


Hiya, please don't ever feel we are fed up of your posts. We are all here for our own reasons, all of them valid:) but in my honest opinion (you did ask:) I really don't think you have cancer, and I'm sorry you're feeling like this. It probably is the increase in meds making you feel more anxious and this is bringing your HA to the surface I always find when I've had a few good days, it can seem as if it hits a lot harder when your dealing with the next trigger. As Kenny says I'm sure if there were any signs of cancer the doctor would have spotted them, I don't have HA but I know how my own anxiety disorder consumes me, and it's rubbish, my heart goes out to you! Do you have any techniques you use to try and ease your mind? do you receive any other support? CBT or other therapies? Just remembering to breathe and counting the breaths in seconds can help.

I hope you are feeling a bit better

Sending love and light

Eva x

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