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is this anxiety?

Hi ive suffered with anxiety for a few year now bit for the last 2mth ive been on 10mg lexapro and been doing well. anyway this morn i woke early and my coffee and cereal and went for a 4mile walk , feel tierd but fine at this stage. anyway wjen i got home had another coffee and sorry to sound vulgur but neede the toilet anyway i was jist picking up something off the couch and i fell all wobbly/lightheaded!! went to the toilet had had a bowel movment as i did i had hot flushes and my 2 legs started shakeing. when i was finnished still felt lightheaded but now i had cold flushes, it kinda paniced me abit!! just wondering whats going on?? also im just coming off my period. It bout 30min since it happendes im still feeling edgey but im also sooo tierd now!!

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Gosh how scarey, sounds to me like you overdid it long walk too much coffee. Ring 111 and get some advice from the NHS best to be carefull.


Look into Vitamin D Deficiency


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