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Stressed to high heaven!

So my younger sister went to her CAMHS appointment this morning, and came back in floods of tears. She has a 'fear' of leaving the house, but her therapist gave her a sarcastic comment today saying "Well you've managed to come here, so there clearly isn't a problem." CAMHS are a load of crap, so are the crisis team, and so is anybody 'trained' in mental health. I have been suffering for nearly 1 year, with regular self harm and suicide attempts involved, but yet, nobody will help me. They say they won't give medication to under 18's, but I am 18 in 3 weeks, what sort of difference is it going to make?!

Apparently they won't do anything drastic until the person is in hospital at deaths door, so much for preventing something like that! When I attempted suicide, I was in hospital for just 12 hours and was booted out with no one saying a word about what happened. They said they would ring my parents, yet they didn't, and nobody at home knew a thing! So even attempting suicide doesn't get people the treatment they need nowadays, what the hell can you do? I was interviewed by the crisis team a few hours before I attempted suicide, I TOLD them I was going to do it, and they still sat there saying they couldn't do anything about it! They tell you to talk, then when you do, they give you a slap in the face and tell you to live with it, the NHS is seriously crap. We aren't bothering with them any more, we're sorting out our own problems as the NHS is clearly incapable and incompetent. As is the rest of the world.

I will be walking in to CAMHS tomorrow and not tell them a word, what's the point, they can't do anything!

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I'm sorry sweetie. Give your little sister a hug.

I'm thinking we could make up a campaign when we're ready, but not sure how to go about it.

Look, listen to me. You will get better. Maybe not with the help of CAMHS but this pass and will become stronger...I know it. You already are anyway, and we're here for you. Here, you have the rare number of sane people (it's the rest of the world that's mad, clearly).

Is there anyone you can complain to in the meantime? Does CAMHS have a patient liason service? (They'd better!) If don't bother going in anymore, it's causing you more stress than good.



If not don't bother going in anymore.*

this will pass and you will become stronger*

here you're around the rare breed of sanity. (it's the REST of the world that's mad, clearly).*

sorry for mistakes.


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