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I sent this reply to another member. As I could relate what they are going through. I thought it may be helpful to someone else x

Here Is What I Replied To Them:-

I can give you advice. I have been through exactly what you are describing. During height of my anxiety I hadn't slept for 8 days or nights. My emotions were all over the place. I felt like I was going to die and what I knew about myself was just in the past. I had been taken over and consumed by this terrible affliction. I could not even do simple tasks such as make a cup of tea etc.

My rational thinking was non existent and I use to sweat buckets. In a nut shell, just say I was lying in bed it would be like I had just come from the shower and got straight in to bed without drying myself.

My heart was pounding non stop. I would lay in bed for 8 solid hours hoping I would just fall a sleep. I never. I went to the doctors and the help was not very welcomed. It was a waste of time. Basically, I got through that period alone. I don't know how, I really don't but I did.

Anyway, when it returned again around twelve months later. I knew what was coming went to the GP. I was referred right away to this team called 'Riverside' I was diagnosed with GAD. Prescribed a few different drugs including Zopiclone.

I have never been an advocate for taking tablets. I took the anxiety meds for a while and stopped one of them. OMG. I got a serious bout of anxiety. This is the one I an pulling through from now.

I used the Zopiclone this time. The way I found it works best is. Take the does about an hour and a half before you actually go to bed and do something relaxing in the hour and a half before bed in the last twenty minutes before you go up to bed do breathing exercises.

Breath in and count to 8 and breath out slowly and count to 10. Concentrate on this and control it and it really helps.

I have taken the time to explain this in detail as when I was where you are. I had nothing and no one to help me through. It does get better.

Much love and my thoughts are with you xxx

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That's brilliant

The more support we can give the better , everything helps , even a quick hello to someone

Keep it up , when you can ;-)

Hope you have a good day





It's lovely to read your positivity I was so worried about you a couple of weeks ago. I've been there too and it's flipping hard work dragging yourself back into the world again. Be proud of how far you have come and keep that determination.. much love eve x


Isn't this a lovely site. There's a lot of positive energy out there between everyone.


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