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been suffering with anxiety and panic for last 2 years on and off-been coping fine with it for few months and all ok until felt slightly

unwell the other day and started to panic as didnt know what it was-i suffer from health anxiety particulary the heart,cannot take any form of tablet incase the side effects cause me to feel out of control so not knowing what it was make me panic.been like this for few days and still not feeling myself-now im unsure to whether its my panic+anxiety causing this or if im actually unwell if that makes sense??

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Journalist again?



I suffer with health anxiety,but not as bad as i was,my main concern was my heart,had numerous of ecg's and bloods and everything is fine,i had the feeling when i just thought my heart was going to stop,but as the days went on it got easier,i just thought ive felt like this for days now and my heart hasnt stopped,its just me been silly,it will be the panic that makes u think ur loosing control,it does alot of things to you


so true-i have my good days and bad days but gets really fustrating because i know its my mind playing tricks on me but once thats feeling is there every slight/minor feeling around the chest/heart you feel! thabnk you for replying-its good to know not the only person-today has been a good day thank goodness so onwards and upwards i say!! r u ok now?? x


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