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I Can't Seem to Get Better

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My wife recently requested a divorce and I am totally beside myself. I can't sleep, can't eat, can't function, and I am shivering all the time. I want to get over it and move on, but just seem to keep getting worse. I tried breathing, meditation, can't seem to exercise. I don't know what to do at this point. I just feel so sick and do depressed. I just want the pain to go away...

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I'm sorry to hear that scott. I can understand how this is affecting you. Have you talked with a therapist or your doctor? You may need a little medication to calm down your emotions. Talking with a professional who can give you some guidance as to the path you

need to take right now. This is an unhealthy situation for you in not sleeping or eating or


Don't stop the Meditation and Breathing. I'm sorry for your pain. :) xx

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scott1866 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much for the response! Sometimes I just need to vent and cry to someone. Unfortunately our friends are mutual and my parents just don't understand...

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Freesoul66 in reply to scott1866

Scott... how are you doing? Are you feeling better? Have you gotten some help?Xo

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scott1866 in reply to Freesoul66

Yes! Much better than3 weeks ago. I have a therapist and a support group, a couple new friends, and some romantic interests.

Definitely find a professional to talk to, and that can be a therapist or a clergyman if you are religious, or even just an acquaintance in your community who you trust. We can all say it will get better eventually but that doesn’t help you now. Her decision is not a declaration of your worth and you are an adult man (assuming by your user name) who existed and functioned before you met her, and you can and will again without her. Find your team you, out of your friends or family or coworkers, who will have your back. And you came here, so you have us, too! I’m sorry you’re having such a bad experience, it sounds like it was a surprise? So maybe a good time to look for what cracks were there that you missed so you can own your part in the relationship and see what you won’t miss about her, too. Many hugs and I hope you have good legal advice for wherever you live.

This sounds really hard. Try to remind yourself that the pain WILL go away. What helps me is supportive thinking. What I mean is, not to try to think positive, but what thinking patterns are more helpful and which ones are harmful or unsupportive.

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scott1866 in reply to zikoo

Thank you so much for the response!

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