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Does anyone else have to think about their breathing and have become aware of it to the point where you have forgotten what it feels like to just breathe. Feels like an effort and as if I’m manually controlling the breathing rather than just letting it be or having faith that I will automatically breathe without me having to concentrate or pay awareness of this happening.

If anyone has experienced this, comments would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Just think when you’re asleep breathing is an automatic response ...if you’re fixated on in during the day ...see a doctor get checked out maybe

Yes & I know that but there’s just this hyper vigilance around it. Thank you

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hypercat54 in reply to Shazblue

Hi if you had a heart problem there would be many more symptoms than just hyper vigilance about it. I suspect you have health anxiety where you pay abnormal attention to normal automatic bodily functions such as breathing. I would go for the doctor but ask about help for this rather than your heart.

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Shazblue in reply to hypercat54

Hi, yes I agree it’s not to do with my heart it is to do with the attention on my breathing. Thank you

Hi i got like that for a few months in my early teens it was scary, i was afraid to go to sleep in fear of my brain not telling my lungs to breath, but it did go away on its own. I hope that helps.

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Shazblue in reply to Matt_S

Thank you!

I concentrated on breathing every now and then when I was a child,in fact,I listed a few things to remind myself.Breathing was one of them,it's funny that I am afraid of forgetting to breathe then.Yet I have a happy childhood I would pay my whole life to reverse the time if possible.So the thoughts of breath is really normal,you can distract when you think about other funny things or questions.😀

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Shazblue in reply to tpenguin

Thank you & do you know why yours started if you don’t mind me asking?

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tpenguin in reply to Shazblue

ummm...It started when I was trying to list something important?I think it's just a normal thing that you come up with a strange thought when you get bored.I used to do counting on the bus,I couldn't keep counting always,but I found it really interesting when I counted to number five and ten,it's an brain entertainment to me.Caring about breathing could be annoying especially when you try to talk youself out of it.My solution is to find other brain game to play,actually there's plenty of work to do,or plans.My favourite game was, how to spend the money if I got $100 million?

Hi there I can also get obsessed with my breathing's horribleand sometimes I feel Iike I have a tight band around my chest ...trying to take your mind off it is hard

sometimes I just watch a funny programme on my tablet ...which helps or if your heart races try breathing into a paper bag ...all ln all anxiety sucks....take care x

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Shazblue in reply to Misspage

Hi, I agree it is horrible! Do you know what started yours if you don’t mind me asking? thank you & you x

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Misspage in reply to Shazblue

I have had psychosomatic symptoms with anxiety since I was a child...and I am 65 now 😳Its way I am wouldn't believe the strange effects anxiety has had on my body

Yet when I have mentioned it

To people they laugh and say no not you ! I don't know what they expect people with anxiety to look like 🙄 when get an attack of really bad anxiety it's like hell on earth son lost both his legs to sepsis when he was 30 he's 40 now but the anxiety I suffered then was on another level I couldn't breath properly for ages and had the most awful palpatations I really thought I was going to die and when we moved house I ended up in bed for a week with acute anxiety it can be so debilitating ...I am not going to change now 🙄 so try to manage it the best I can....I once didn't leave the house for 6 months in case I had to run to the loo 😂😂 it's amazing how the brain can control your body to such an extent long have you suffered ? and have you found any any coping strategies x

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Shazblue in reply to Misspage

Wow I am sorry to hear that! You have been through a lot of things so I can totally see how this would be connected to what you have been experiencing. Exactly only you know best what goes on in ur mind and body! What coping strategies do you use to help? Last summer I went to bed and had to get up because I was sick. I got back into bed and then suddenly felt really hot then cold. I went to lie down and could feel a watery sensation in my throat similar to what happens if you’ve ever experienced this when fainting. I was like half asleep and awake and then suddenly I gasped for air. I went to sleep and never thought anything of it just a night of illness but the next day I noticed I was aware of my breathing and noticing it so that’s how all this started.

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