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What are some of the distractions you use to take a break from anxiety and depression?

For me it’s movies, exercise, fun with my kids, writing, getting out into nature, tea time.

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Thanks Starrlight - working on having a better day today- a walk, some gardening, a nap.

Starrlight in reply to LoveBear


Those are good ones, and usually ones that also are helpful for me- but lately, my distractions don’t last long and the anxiety just tramples in. It’s been very draining.


Definitely time with family and nature, and time alone with God. Getting into his word and promises have really encouraged me.

Starrlight in reply to Tregan71

I want to get closer to God.

Tregan71 in reply to Starrlight

My dear friend, I lovingly suggest starting in prayer. Just start with earnest prayer and tell him you want to walk with him, ask for him to make himself known to you...and wait for him. I promise he will come, have faith and pray with all your heart :-)

Try taking up a hobby. What are your interests? There are plenty of options out there. If you love reading visit a library and look at the books on the shelves or go to a bookshop. If art is more your thing, you could always sign up for some art lessons or buy some art books from a charity shop, or search online and then start.

If you prefer sports instead, perhaps look for a local community sports club and become a active fee paying member. Exercise helps me too. There are lots of exercise DVDs and fitness books available for you to buy, look for decent ones online etc. Buy a exercise ball or mat and do it. The benefits are endless. Trust me.

Photography is a great hobby to try as well. All you really need is a camera and a open mind too. Start simple and then progress slowly. This is a nice easy hobby that you can do with children too. You can even focus on the basic mechanics of the camera and how to modify photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. Later on you can teach them about the more advanced photography skills. Take photos of trees etc.

What things do you like to write about?

Starrlight in reply to thara9643

Awesome ideas!!! I do a lot of these.

Playing PC video games, hopscotching the Internet, watching YouTube videos, listening to music.

thara9643 in reply to mrmonk

What sort of videos?

mrmonk in reply to thara9643

I keep up with the news through YouTube and watch segments from shows I wouldn't ordinarily watch if I owned a TV, like Dragon's Den, Pawn Stars, and Kitchen Nightmares. I like watching comedy sketches from shows like Saturday Night Live and Key & Peele, or binge on clips from The Office, plus whatever catches my eye from YouTube's recommendations. I also find Monkey Boo videos relaxing and destressing.

thara9643 in reply to mrmonk

Monkey Boo?

mrmonk in reply to thara9643

An adorable Capuchin monkey and his pet human, Pete:


Starrlight in reply to mrmonk

Hi Mr Monk!

mrmonk in reply to Starrlight

Hello Starrlight! I hope the day is treating you well so far. 😺

Starrlight in reply to mrmonk


When I need a distraction I listen to relaxing music/music videos on YouTube. Enya is a favorite. Sometimes find the lyrics and poems that I like and use them for inspiration to write a new poem.

thara9643 in reply to Phil-4-13

You could also write articles and poems

Phil-4-13 in reply to thara9643

Yes writing is a great means of expression... especially poems. I wouldn’t know what to write about for an article. How to get started? What sort of thing do you write?

Starrlight your distractions, exercise and getting outside to enjoy nature, are good ones! Sometimes when nothing else is working just sitting outside trying to focus on enjoying the moment helps a lot. 🙂

Starrlight in reply to Phil-4-13


Great post! I workout when I can, write letters (some I send off, some I don't), make a hot cup of chamomile tea, play guitar, and also check out what's going on here.

Starrlight in reply to evilspicy

Niiiice Evilspicy

Collecting bird pictures for my screensaver. Audubon has an annual photography contest with terrific photos. Ebird is good, too.

Watching Downton Abbey, and Monk. Used to read everything all the time, but trauma stole most of that. Sucks.

I take it you're in the UK? I'm in the US. What is "tea time" over there? More than just sitting for a minute of two with a cup of your favorite? I adore Earl Grey. So soothing.

I love Audubon! Ha tea time for me is all day and all night 😉 So is it hard to concentrate now with trauma? In US

C-PTSD stole my mind. I'm lucky I can still process enough to write back and forth here. Hate it. Books, books everywhere, Nor any book to read... (Apologies)


Well... You said you liked Audubon, right?

See what you make of this:

Be afraid. Be very afraid:


What about flower arranging or drawing? Life drawing is a good hobby. You can even sketch trees too or try macrame.

Starrlight in reply to thara9643

Good ideas

thara9643 in reply to Starrlight

Amazon sells macrame kits.

Great post kiddo....


You sound like a creative person

Great post, Starrlight! I like all those things as well (except for the kid part since I don't have any). I can always add "playing with my nieces and nephews" when I'm back home, though.


Hi Starrlight,

I find walking around the city is a great distraction. I also listen to music on earbuds .🇮🇹

Starrlight in reply to Ddorne

So nice Ddorne

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