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Dear Heavenly Father

I come to you for forgiveness for i have sin against you.

"YES " I thought about suicide! "YES " I tried it. "YES " I thought if i wasn't here then all the pain,hurt and emptiness i was feeling would just go away.

"BUT " What i didn't realize was that if i had commit suicide all the people that would have been affected. So by me asking god for forgiveness and being open. I'm praying that this may help someone else out there thinking about committing suicide or just feeling depress. Know that i'm here for you and that your family and friends are too. I'm in therapy and every day is a blessing and a battle.

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May God Bless you

God have forgiven you, he knows what were going through, it's very hard to live with mental illness and its millions of us. Just found out the other day that Lady Gaga has mental illness also and Kate prince William wife brother is suffering with mental illness also, more and more people are starting to talk about it....not hiding it anymore. 💜

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Amen! What a prayer warrior you are!! I am so glad that you are getting help and that you are feeling better. Of course, Satan would love for everyone to give up and give in. Life can be such a battlefield. Right! You are an overcomer! I am so grateful that you are here. God bless you!

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