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3am panic

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Went to bed just fine and started dreaming about work. This dream turned into a nightmare! I kept hearing patient names, their voices and was giving everyone shots nonstop. My job is super fast paced and I don’t get to eat sometimes. We pretty much munch on snacks all day. So, in my dream, I would get so hungry that I’d start passing out after shots. Also, I looked like I was starving. I’m pretty skinny naturally and I was like literally dying. Point is, this dream was so awful that I woke up dizzy from it.

Just when I thought I’d woken up, I closed my eyes again and the voices got louder and louder. I felt like I had to cover my ears and got super nauseous. It is cold in my room so I grabbed my favorite jacket and ran to the restroom. My sister woke up and asked what was wrong. To my surprise, simply voicing “I’m having a panic attack” instantly shut out all the voices. From there, I focused on relaxing and now I’m here. Writing, and hoping that by the time I finish I’ll be able to fall asleep.

These are small anxieties that I get throughout the day. Also, my abdomen still hurts a bit. It’s honestly just in my head from the dream. I’m pretty upset about this. This was my first work-stress induced panic attack. And, it was one of the worst things on the planet.

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Hope you managed to fall asleep and that you are feeling a little better. Maybe try and reduce the stress in your life if it is possible; try and eat healthily as the cumulative effect of eating snacks will have an impact on your ability to cope. If you are still eating snacks then at least take a multi vitamin supplement and particularly the B vitamins and also magnesium can help greatly with these kind of symptoms. x

I hope this was an irregular incident and you won't have to deal with more of these. Glad to hear that you knew what to do to get focused on relaxing. I'm sure today was challenging just being tired from the lack of sleep. Do you feel like work has been more stressful than usual or maybe it was just the accumulated stress that you always bring home? Do you think it might help to do some relaxation exercises before going to sleep just to make sure you are not going to sleep "stressed"?

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Yeah. I was super tired. I like my job but I’ve been behind on my stuff due to the holidays and a new staff. The food thing isn’t that big of a deal, it was just a dream. Plus, I already take snacks and stuff. I just like my work to be taken care of and lately, it hasn’t. I want to work out before I sleep but idk. I’m just so tired when I get home so I just take a small hit to help me sleep. I’ve been a little depressed so that might be part of it.

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do you think the depression is also related to the feelings of being behind at work?

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