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Hey guys!!

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I’m trying to start this year off right! Well those are my hopes at least! So let me just start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Everyone!! I really do hope everyone had a great time over the holidays. Mine was ok..... not the best or greatest just that.. ok

Well I have deactivated all social media accounts (snapchat, instagram, facebook) except for this one because I feel like I need a cleanse... so with that being said I will probably be a lot more active on here than I usually am, and will probably be on here sharing too much info once in a while. Or just coming to vent. Lol I ask for your forgiveness ahead of time! But yes this cleanse is part of my weight loss journey that I am trying to begin. I am trying to change so much this year. But my weight is the most important. I am at my heaviest a whopping 286 pounds. I feel sick and tired all the time and I spend most of my day eating and laying in bed. So I know this is the major culprit for all the weight gain, besides no exercise and lots of fast foods almost daily. As my husband works and provides for us. Also I am at home with the kids. But yes like I had previously mentioned I would like to take care of this weight loss and focus on me! Zero distractions!! Hence the reason I deleted all social media.... seeing certain things on there can distract us from what is really important in our lives and can also have some negative affect on our feelings and how we see ourselves. Well for me at least it does.... and so for now I will just stick to music, funny videos, and this app. Tejejej 🙊🙊 I really do hope I can make some great changes... I’m trying to begin somewhere, I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but I don’t care. I just know I need to save myself. I don’t want to see this as a diet, but more as a lifestyle change. Wish me luck guys!!! I have so many things planned this year, from the weight loss to working on myself, to getting my self out of this depression and anxiety. But also to find the root and main cause to all of my problems because I feel like my weight has a lot to do with my depression and vice versa. So with time we shall see what comes of all of this. I need strength so that I don’t give in and go back to my social media accounts...I really need to stay away from that for now.

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Good luck! Cheers to your strength!

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Thank you!!! 😊

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