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Looking for natural and safe ways to help me with anxiety, depression, acid reflux. Any advice is appreciated.

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I see from your previous posts that you have gone to doctors in the past, and they prescribed anxiety meds for you. Did they help at all? Ativan definitely does for me.

I don't want to take it any longer than I have to, but it sure does help.

Have you considered a therapist to try and work through the D & A with talk therapy?

Your GP really isn't trained for that stuff, he did what any doc would do and prescribe a benzo for relief.

No, the anxiety medications have not helped me at all. Actually the medications have made my problems worse. I've been looking for a therapist but nothing has worked out. That's why I'm looking for alternatives, nothing else is working.

I don't know much about acid reflux, but the website gives advice on depression and anxiety. You'll find many articles there that may be of help.

I get awful acid reflux when I’m anxious and stressed. I do take medication for it but I also sleep with a wedge pillow that helps to prop you up at night and helps you sleep better with less acid reflux. And of course they say to not drink caffeine but that is hard for me since I love my coffee. I cut back to some iced tea though in the afternoons instead of coffee. A bit less caffeine!

Have you tried CBD hemp oil? It helps relieve my anxiety. I like it.

Looked into it, can't afford it.

Fresh ginger in chamomile tea has helped my acid reflux a lot.

Dogmom55 in reply to Dogmom55

Also seems to relax me before bed. Make sure to get a decaffeinated version. I also use lavender essential oils when I'm anxious. Recently I stared acupuncture for my anxiety and it seems to be helping but it's not cheap.

Fennel seed is also good for the stomach. YES! Accupuncture. It is so worth it. Reishi mushroom is good for relaxation and sleep. Check out Four Sigmatic.

Mint tea, ginger tea, fennel tea , honey.

Exercise helps my anxiety and depression sometimes x

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