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Drug&Alcohol Screening


I am VERY anxious about my drug & alcohol screening which I am about to schedule for tomorrow. I got accepted into nursing school and this is the next step. Nursing school is my dream and I think that's why I'm so hung up over this. I know I'll pass, but I'm really scared that by some chance I won't and I'll be devastated. If you've read my other posts you are aware I have used med. marijuana but stopped around September 7th when I found out about this (so 2 months ago). The last time I had alcohol was this past Saturday (1 maybe 2 glasses of wine). The test is only a urine test. I should be fine, right? Can someone reassure me? It sucks I am so worried about this. I don't abuse drugs or alcohol and I am a good student.

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60 days- should not be a problem at all. Very rarely does MJ hang out in the fatty tissue beyond 30 days. Usually it's gone faster than that, even. And the urine drug tests usually don't test for alcohol- but even if it does, alcohol from last Saturday is already long gone. But you know all this already!

Try not to seek further reassurance:) Anxiety thrives on that cycle of reassurance and it keeps it wide awake, peering about, ruminating, sending you alert messages... Just sit with the blips and waves of anxiety that overcome you about this and recognize what's going on with the anxiety center in your mind. Your anxiety will settle down if you keep ignoring it:)

It's totally normal to be anxious about this test and about all the exciting stuff coming up for you! I'm a nurse. So happy to hear you will be joining the ranks. It's been an amazing career for me, with a zillion opportunities along the way. Very exciting :)

JM1064 in reply to Calm_mama

Was off this site for a little while but I had saw your post and it meant a lot to me. Wanted to let you know I passed everything and was officially accepted and assigned to my clinicals!

Calm_mama in reply to JM1064

FABULOUS!! That is so exciting!!

You are going to LOVE your clinicals - and learn so much it will blow your mind! I'd say keep me posted on how things go but you won't ha ha :) you're going to be VERY BUSY. Have a blast!

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