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Ah, I’m enjoying this beautiful, sunny day!

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The temperature is in the mid 40’s and it’s a gorgeous day here in Minnesota—with the leaves looking like bright beautiful flowers blooming during this fall weather. I’m going to take advantage of this sight as it won’t last too long. I hope everyone else is enjoying theirs too. And if you’re not having such a good day, go out and do something that brings you joy. Sending you all love, peace and happiness.

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MusicLover2, it's a beautiful cool windy Fall day in Chicago. A sight to see

as the colored leaves fall through the air and collect on the lawns and sidewalks.

You're right, now is the time to enjoy this amazing time of year. Pretty soon it will be snow. :) xx Have a great evening.

Though it's the next day from your message, it a beautiful fall day here in Cincinnati, too. I don't get outside as much as I should but, I like to sun myself in whatever room has the most light in it. I also ike too watch everyone else moving around and living life as they walk or drive by. On those occasions I do go outside, I enjoy it greatly. I strong recommend a walk in the bright sun every morning. If not, sun yourself in your favorite, open room for 20 or 30 minutes. Your skin, body and soul will say thank you. Much love to everyone. (By the way, I love music too)

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